5 Important Care Tips for Stainless Steel Commercial Fridges

So you just bought your very first stainless steel commercial fridge. Your bar appliance set is now complete; and now, you’re set to being one of the most competent restaurateurs in Brisbane. But what about the care and maintenance? When it comes to dealing with commercial refrigeration Brisbane restaurants have today, one must know these proper care tips:

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Taking care of a stainless steel commercial bar fridge

A part of owning a commercial refrigeration Brisbane suppliers sell is knowing the material used. Just like any other appliance surface, dust and debris will also accumulate on a stainless steel surface.

Handle with care – The first and most important rule of taking care of a stainless steel commercial fridge is by handling it with care. Although it’s engineered for a heavy workload and continual usage, you must be careful in closing and opening its doors. This will keep the door seal working efficiently for longer.

Schedule types of cleaning – In cleaning appliances that store food, you must be really strict on imposing a consistent schedule of cleaning and clearing them out. You have to remind your bartender or employee to always wipe the glass surface of any commercial refrigeration Brisbane suppliers have sold you.

Next, discuss a general cleaning schedule weekly or bi-weekly, which includes inspecting the condensers and fans. Doing these types of cleaning practices will reduce the instances of any bacteria-causing diseases to spread to anyone who touches a Brisbane commercial refrigeration set.

Use harmless cleaning products when cleaning your bar fridge or display fridge – Never use stainless steel cleaners you can find anywhere—these types of cleaners are usually not nature-friendly because they are made of low-quality materials that are easily mass-produced and intended for rough and unsafe usage.

Also avoid using mineral oil, rubbing alcohol, kerosene, and baby oil because they will cause discolouration on your stainless steel fridge and will attract more dust. Instead, use materials that are safe for both humans or any commercial refrigeration in Brisbane retailers sell. Before buying cleaning materials, always remember to read the instructions if they’re intended for fridges.

Water stains – Just like stainless steel cutlery, water stains can be removed by wiping them off with a soft and clean piece of cloth. Wipe gently though and don’t be too rough just to get those water stains out. Even though it’s thick and heavy, it still deserves a gentle treatment just like any other appliance.

Beware of rust – If your bar or restaurant located in a coastal shoreline, of course, you must take extra measures to prevent rust from accumulation on your stainless steel fridge. Even though a cheap commercial refrigeration Brisbane suppliers usually sell has top-notch quality, you still have to watch out for moisture through by coating your appliance with a protective material.

It could be an ample amount of olive oil wiped by a clean cloth horizontally or vertically, depending on your fridge’s grain. After you’ve wiped all surfaces, wipe them off again with a separate cloth so that a nice, thin film of olive oil will only be left. This will protect your appliance from rust.

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