Looking for reading sunglasses? Check this out!

If you’re like me who loves to read in the outdoors, then you need reading sunglasses. Thanks to modern technology and innovation, switching between reading glasses and sunglasses are now outdated.

Reading glasses and sunglasses are now found in one product alone, called reading sunglasses. This is perfect for those moments when you are lounging near the shore and reading your favourite book. Isn’t that lit?

You can also use reading sunglasses for gardening, golfing, driving, reading a map or working on a vehicle outdoors. Since there are no limits as to what technology can do, the possibilities of reading sunglasses are endless too!

What is your reading power?

Just like regular reading glasses, you need to visit a local eye doctor. This will help you identify which power is recommended for your eyes. Your eyes may not require the same power that is why custom reading sunglasses is your best bet.

What type of lens is ideal for your eyes?

There are about three types of lens available these days. There may be more but we will only discuss common lenses.

  1. Fully magnified reading sunglasses — They offer the widest line of vision because the magnification is found throughout the entire lens. No need to move your head from side to side while reading. They work best for people who only wear glasses for reading. However, this type of lens is not ideal for driving. It is still best to consult your doctor for the right recommendation.
  1. Bifocal reading sunglasses — If you want to use your reading glasses even when you’re outside, then bifocal lightweight reading glasses is your perfect solution. This is ideal for you if you have problems with close-up vision but your distant vision is not affected. The upper section is unmagnified to help you focus out in the distance. The lower bifocal lens helps you see up close and perform activities like reading a book, sewing or checking out a map.
  1. Polarised reading glasses — These types of reading sunglasses not only allow you to see clearly but they are also perfect against glare, thanks to the sun reflection from a solid surface or water. If your eyes are sensitive to light, then polarised reading sunglasses is your perfect companion.

What frame shape to use

The type of frame you should use depends on your face shape. While wearing reading sunglasses should be comfortable, it should also compliment your face. Identifying your face shape will help you choose the right frame for your reading sunglasses. There are frames that look fab with those who have square faces, heart-shaped faces, oval or round shaped faces. Just know your face shape, so you can choose high quality reading glasses with the right frame.

What type of tint is perfect for you

You can choose among dark-tinted smoke lenses if you are using your reading sunglasses during the day. Amber lenses, on the other hand, have brownish-red tint and are best for overcast days. But if you want lenses that help reflect the sun’s rays, mirrored lenses are perfect for you. Lastly, gradient lenses are the darkest while the bottom part has little to no tint at all. They have little similarity with bifocal lenses.

These are just a few tips to consider when using reading sunglasses. Going outdoors should not hinder you from pursuing your passion for reading or writing. Get the best non prescription reading glasses that also work best for outdoor use. You may also visit https://visualites.com/product-category/sun-readers/ for more details.